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How Much Time Do I Need To Spend On My Business?


Well you probably expect me to say that the more time you put in the more success in results you'd have and that’s probably not too far from the reality.

However, there are a few things I will say. The first thing is, it's all about how you spend your time and the biggest advantage when it comes to time and working with us is that we're going to show you how to focus on money producing activities, you know, stuff that is really going to have an effect for you and put money in your bank account, in other words going to get you results as fast as possible.

And we've had many students over the years who have said they spent hours and hours every day on the internet trying to get results, sometimes for years in fact, and they’ve really struggled.

And then they have found us and put less hours into the business and had a lot more significant results more than what they have ever had before.

So, the point I would say is, it’s about how you spend your time vastly but I would say you need to be realistic, you know if you haven’t got at least an hour a day most days to start with then you would probably be wasting your time.

A couple of hours a week is just too sporadic it’s too random.

The internet is fast-moving, our training is fast moving, we are always keeping you up to date so you want a good amount of momentum and I would actually say consistent time spent on the business is more important in many instances then in the amount of time.

I would say between 10 and 12 hours a week is adequate but of course if you can find more it is going to assist you, particularly in the beginning stages, but we're going to certainly guide you in terms of that and most importantly the things that you should really focus on to get results.

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What Type Of Products Can I Sell?


When it comes to the type of products that you’re going to be selling online; in order to get results and have success there's obviously a lot of things that we can guide you on. In fact, through the “Getting Started Module” we are actually going to be teaching you, why we suggest certain types of products.

For reasons like: products that are in most demand and of course products that are going to put the most amount of money in your pocket.

However, the important thing I must address straightaway is that, the education here that you're going to get out of SFM is designed to give you the ability to put the ball in your court and you can pick and choose what you sell.

I think it's important to know that if you’re going to really build a business that you love and that you're passionate about, you are going to want to have the freedom to pick and choose what it is that you’re marketing and selling online.

However, a lot of our students do choose to be business system affiliates and users of ours. And one of the added advantages of that is, we have a lot of different products and services out there in the marketplace that you can earn money on.

Primarily our products fall into two categories. The first being education and the second being more around tools and resources, that kind of thing.

So, that is SFM obviously. You kind of maybe have an idea in terms of the education we provide there, it’s really an education to show people how to get started with an online income, starting from scratch.

It’s a huge market; you can probably imagine the amount of people out there who want to be able to earn money self sufficiently online and have geographical freedom and flexibility.

It's a huge market. Then we also have our main education company which is “Digital Experts Academy” and I would suggest that you kind of think of that as more of like a University type education.

It’s extremely thorough starting right from the basics through to some of the much more advanced and the intermediate trainings that are required to be really a fully fledged internet entrepreneur.

So they use the type of products that appeal massively to existing business owners/small business owners (that kind of thing) and you have the opportunity to take part in the reseller options of Digital Experts Academy.

So that kind of gives you an idea on the education from.

In terms of to tools and resources we are very lucky we have a huge tech team here who are continually creating and developing lots of different products for the marketplace.

A lot of our products and resources are geared to towards business owners and entrepreneurs.

We have the likes of Digital Business Lounge, which is website building and hosting and marketing tools to help people with their online business, something that you actually get inclusive of your SFM membership here.

We have the likes of “Simply Capture” which is an amazing online tool that we've created which enables small business owners and large business owners to create incredible looking web pages for capturing leads and attracting leads so that they can follow up and sell more of their products and services and provide value to their customers.

We have a tool for example, called “Graphics Creator” which is an amazing tool that takes any person who is not creative, (like myself) when it comes to graphics and design, and shows them very, very simple way on how to pump our amazing looking graphics with a few clicks of the mouse.

So, in other words we really know what types of products are selling extremely well online and you have the opportunity to plug in and commissions as affiliates for us.

You also have the freedom of course to be an affiliate for anything you choose and natural you can apply this education to your own products and services, should you have them.

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How Long Will It Take To Get Set Up?


So it really does vary from individual to individual in terms of how long it takes to get setup with their SFM business and their understanding of the business model and way that they can earn money, it does vary.

However, I would say on average it’s around the two week mark and to just sort of giving you some clarity in terms of the processes. There are several modules that you're going to work through.

Predominately there are four modules to getting yourself in a position to being set up in ready to earn money online. And within those modules there is a few live training courses that you're going to attend.

There are recordings available if you really can't make it to the live training. We do our very best to insist that you do everything you can to attend live because it gives you the opportunity to join in on the call. If you wish you can mute yourself out if you prefer that but if you want to get any of your questions answered, you can either type them in or you can come out live and ask your questions.

There is a huge amount of learning to be had from being around other people getting started and hearing their questions, I think it really accelerates the learning process. The actual modules themselves, there are around 20 hours of video.

I would say typically a lot of our students spend around two hours a day often around work commitments and family on the modules itself. But I will say this and that is that, I really would look at this as a little bit more of a marathon than a sprint.

If I was to say there is 20 hours of videos, some of you might say, “well I can do that in a couple of days because i would sit down and I would do 10 hours each day,” but isn’t the spirit behind the trainings that we have here.

We want to walk you through a reasonable pace. So, first of all the knowledge can sink in but also so we can provide you additional support around that process. And I would say this, what’s in the grand scheme of things is a couple of weeks to where it would be three or even four weeks of your life to get set up the right way, when eventually you could be putting yourself in a situation of having a life of total freedom and flexibility where your running a successful online business.

So don’t put too much pressure on yourself, the system is going to guide you in terms of the sort of things that you should be working on and how long you should be spending. You can have a lot of support along the way and like said its more of a marathon than a spring in this instance.

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Do I Need A Marketing Budget?

Alright. So, I will be really direct with answering this question because I think often people tell you what you want to hear, in terms of actually investing in your business both time and money wise. The reality is this; the more you invest in your business (and that's time and money) the chances are, the more likely you’re going to see results and the faster you’re going to see results.

But in terms of actually, “can you grow a business and build a business, can you build your SFM business without a marketing budget?” the answer is absolutely yes you can.

We're very lucky with the internet that there are free ways of getting online exposure in doing online marketing, but it does take longer. You know, if your going to go out there and you’re going to do free advertising and online marketing that doesn't cost anything it's not going to be instant. And, I have had many students over the years who have gone on to create very successful businesses starting without a marketing budget. But the thing you have got to be careful of is you will hear a lot of case studies including here at SFM in terms of people who have gone on and have had amazing amount of success within, you know for example just a few months of getting started and I'll say nearly always they've had money to invest.

Nearly always, maybe one or two exceptions I can say it's being a case of people doing incredibly well with free marketing.

The thing that I always say as well, is that you've got to have time or money for your business and if you have both, great. But be realistic if you have no money to invest in your business then you are going to need time. Equally if you have very little time it’s going to help you a lot if you've got more money to invest. Paid advertising when doing promotions online does cost money and of course if you can put money into your business it’s going to help. The other thing that I would say to you is that it's really important to understand that online business it's phenomenal in terms of the fact that it's kind of like a pay as you go business model.

What I mean by that is, you know with most businesses out there if you go and start a traditional business you have to come up with a lot of money up front, you know, whether that be 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 upwards just to get started and then you know it's natural to expect to have some ongoing commitments in costs to invest.

My first franchise business which I miserably failed with, cost me £12,000 up front, about twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) up front and then some reasonably small investment to keep it going. The reason I loved this business is because at the time of starting I was broke, from a perspective of having no savings I was in debt. And what I realised was that even though I was in a full-time job what I was able to do is get started very quickly with the with very little start-up capital, however, it did give me the chance to continue to invest in my business on an ongoing basis. So, anytime I had disposable income it went into the business because I was realistic in terms of making things happen and making things work. So I think you should always try and think of investing in your business from a positive perspective.

The huge advantage with an online venture, “like we show you here” is that you can do it on a pay as you go basis if you like as in when you have money to invest you have the opportunity to do so.

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Do I Need To Do Any Personal Selling?

Okay. Let me start off by telling you that my first business was a pretty big failure. I managed to effortlessly drilled that business into the ground it came very natural to me and I really put it down to the fact that I was just useless at calling that kind of thing.

I came from a real estate agency background and I thought I could sell but when it came to cold calling and pushy selling I didn't quite make the grade. Not only that it is something I really didn’t enjoy nor did I wanted to do. So, let me tell you, and the reason I start off by telling you this is that, if you're worried about having to do selling, maybe you just don't want to have to sell or you think that you have to learn skills like code-calling or chasing some of these business models where you need to sell to friends and family.

You’re not going to get any of that advice here. Jay and I are extremely committed to teaching people the new way of selling known as attraction marketing in our industry now.

The way that it works in terms of the theory behind it is that, what we do is we set systems up to provide massive amounts of value up front, on a an automated basis, so that people can always make an informed buying decision before they buy something and don't need any convincing whatsoever.

One of the things that our students really appreciate about this is that we actually teach them how to build any business that they want with this attraction marketing training that we provide. On top of that, our existing products and services, that you have the option to be affiliates for, have the system setup. Okay, so in other words we have various different products and services that you can actually get to market, that have systems set up to deliver a massive amount of value to potential prospects or customers and as a result they going to make a commitment or decision to buy something based on that experience.

I will tell you this, I really believe the future of selling is understanding attraction marketing, understanding how to deliver value up front and I tell you the best thing about it is, it can be done on a automatic basis. So you're not on the phone all day, you’re not code calling people, you’re not chasing people, you’re not doing conference calls, three way calls, trying to hitch your products and services to friends and family, any of that is not necessary at all.

I think we really have got an education and a business system here that will blow you away when you see what can be done on an automatic basis 24/7, 355 days a year all around the world. It's pretty impressive.

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Do I Need To Sell SFM Products To Make Money?

Without a doubt, one of the big advantages that you have as an SFM student is that you get the opportunity to leverage our business system in order to go out there and make affiliate sales and commissions.

Our umbrella company if you like, Digital Experts LLC has a lot of different products under its belt. We have digital expects Academy, we have digital business lounge “which is website building and hosting an tools for marketing on the Internet” we have simple capture, a great little tool out there for small businesses who want to go out and build subscriber bases. As a result of that we are able to plug our various different products into the business system in order for you to be able to go out and make promotions to these various different products, services, events and education systems that we provide. But in terms of do you have to do it to make money, absolutely not.

One piece of advice I try to give everybody is, first of all never ever sell anything that you don't really truly believe in. That might seem crazy to some because there are people in the business every day who is selling all sorts of products out there but in my experience the fastest way to get success and results is to focus on selling things that you’re either extremely passionate about or that you really believe in. So, a lot of our SFM students go out and choose to be affiliate for our various different product lines because they have used them, they have benefited from them and in many instances they have resulted in completely changing their lives, so naturally it is a great start. But without a doubt, the thing I'll say, is the education that we provide here is absolutely designed to teach you to be self sufficient and being tied to selling one particular company's products or services definitely isn't self sufficient.

We want to empower you to go out there and really build the business that you love and as a result of that, you have to have the freedom and flexibility to apply the education that we're giving you to go out and pick and choose to make decisions that are right for you.

So, no, absolutely you do not need to sell SFM products or Digital Experts LLC products and services in order to make money.

* Individual results will vary from person to person. Read our Disclaimer at bottom of this page.

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What Kind Of Support Do I Get?

I think supporting you through your journey of creating a successful business is probably one of the most important questions that can be asked. And the reason being is that with the Internet unfortunately there's a lot of programs and opportunities out there that will sell you this dream of being able to become successful on the internet, but once you actually get your credit card out and you make that purchases there’s not a human in  sight, there's no one to be seen, no one to get a response from. And I'll be honest it has taken us a long time to get it right. We've been working on different ways to support our customers for many years now and I'm very, very proud to say that I don't think there are many companies in any market out there that offers quite the diversity of support we provide, so just to talk you through some of those.

First of all I’m going to I keep reiterating through many videos that you see with us is that, our training is in a step-by-step fashion it is linear, you know you don't have to go out there and see a ton of different information trainings out there and pick and choose what you work with. Its design to go through a certain process. So, that's where the support starts, in terms of actually thinking about your experience as you work through the trainings. But you can imagine as you going through those trainings you're going to get stuck, you’re going to have questions and you're going to need support, so we have multiple channels. The first thing I'll say is that we have a telephone support I think that's probably something that surprises a lot of our customers because it's the internet and what internet company provides phone support these days?, not many.

So you are able to pick up the phone and the reason you're able to do that is we are actually going to allocate you a dedicated business consultant/system consultant through the SFM and that's somebody that you deal with on a one-on-one basis.

Now, what that does mean is that they're not going to be available 24/7. Our consultants are working six days a week and they're working various different hours through the day. The way you can actually schedule support with them is through picking up the phone in the hours of operation. You can also access their calendar at anytime and see the available appointments that they have, which is actually the preferred method for most customers in scheduling your very own appointment. It’s like using these web sites where you can book a table at a restaurant, it's exactly the same. You can actually schedule in a time that you know you're going to be available you can plan a time to be sat in front of the computer and get any of your questions answered. On top of that we then have live chat, so if you've got like something you just need support with almost instantly and you want to deal with something, you can logon to our live chat I speak with one of our support staff and they can help and assist you through your issue.

We have a support desk as well which has got all of our common questions that we gather and obviously thorough answers including videos that walk you through various different things which can be accessed 24/7. You can submit tickets and emails to the company in order to get responses that way. The last thing I’ll mention that is certainly not the least; is the amazing community that we have here and I think that's probably what people value most. With the reason being is that, what you are then doing is getting support from other people who have actually gone through the same journey that you're going through.

One of the advantage that we have here is; as we've been around quite some time now, we have a lot of students who have worked through the program and become very, very successful to the point where they’re absolutely working on their businesses full-time. And there is nothing more that they often like to do in their spare time than to kind of give back if you like. And we have a private member's community site where we all hang out, including me. We have various different private groups on Facebook that you can join and you're going to get to meet other members. I think that one of the most important things in picking and education company to learn from, is it's got to be a transparency. And why you'll find that most education systems out there, in my opinion, don't offer a community and introduce you to their other customers; is frankly that's selling a lot of hot air. And when you sell hype and hot air and exaggerations, it’s impossible for you to have your customers talking amongst one another because it's only going to bite you if your members aren’t actually getting results and you're not providing the kind of education that people need to get the results that they're suggesting is achievable.

Well, with us we know what we can achieve of our students we've proven it time and time again. So our communities extremely transparent; you will get to talk with members who have struggled and found success, you will get to connect with our very top students who have, you know, gone on to bill highly successful multiple six-figure businesses and you will also be able to connect with other people who are going through the journey that you are going through right now. We have people who obviously starting with us every day who are on the same path as you and that can often help you feel a lot less isolated.

Working from home (particularly if you doing this on your own) can be very, very lonely, you know, working in your home office especially if you are used to being in an office environment. Our community really enables you to connect with tons of like-minded individuals. And on top of all this, kind of a separate topic that we have our events, our live events where you get to join us in person that we have being all over the world. I recently got back from Sydney Australia where we mingled together and teaching trainers to support one another at live events as well.

So I think as far as support you can't go far wrong with getting started with us because we really do care about you and its one thing to be saying that but it’s another thing as backing up and I think you'll notice within your first 24 hours that this is real.

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Is This An Internet Scam?

You know that I use to be incredibly defensive around this question because for me it was an insult, kind of like, how dare you even suggest that this industry or this business or our company is some sort of scam. I'm a little bit older and wiser and a lot more mature these days to completely respect the fact that it is a very legitimate question.

Now, the first bit of advice that I'm going to give you is, you know, when you can invest money on the internet and, “especially if it's in your education and you're expecting a service back,” don't part with your money to start with if there's no refund period or guarantee or anything like that a true sign that something's fishy or something like that. I think that the only way for you to make a decision or anything today in this internet world is by going through an experience yourself. And the advantage you have when you have a refund or some sort guarantee period, is that you get to experience whether this is actually adding value. I think the only way that you whatever be able to make a wise decision on anything because I'm obviously going to tell you what I think about the industry and what I think about our company.

The only way you will ever know for yourself is by judging on the experience that you have, you know, is the education what you expect, is it the support that was promised being provided, are you making progress that kind of thing and with you get your 30-day absolute no questions asked refund period. So you get to actually feel and experience everything before you get started. And I'll say that's the advice you should apply to anything that you are checking out online.

The other thing that I would say on the other side of the coin, when it comes to the Internet you're going to get what you look for and what I mean by that is, “if you're researching a particular restaurant or particular hotel and you're looking for the negative review or you're looking for the reasons not to go and stay at a particular Resort or Hotel,” you’re going to find what you're looking for. If you go and look to find raving reviews about a particular restaurant, if you go and look to find raving reviews on a particular authority figure an expat you are going to find the raving review. So, on Internet you you've got to understand that you find what you look for so, I don't think it's always a fair way to judge any particular product or service or industry on that matter. For us, it's normally people researching the industry of internet marketing or affiliate marketing that kind of thing. And I can tell you now; you know, there are people out there that are complete naysayers about affiliate marketing for example; they say it doesn't work anymore is broken. But these kind of things are coming from people who have never had success in the industry and they never will have success in the industry. And frankly they spend most of their time out there being trolls on the internet, so the key thing is don't take my word, don't take any of our affiliate words for anything. You have to judge everything based on your own experience and of course the value that you received from any particular company.

Keep an eye out for guarantees and refunds then you probably can’t go too far wrong, because if something doesn't meet your expectations you can obviously get your money back.

* Individual results will vary from person to person. Read our Disclaimer at bottom of this page.

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Do You Do Live Events?

Well, not only do we have events they are a lot of fun. In fact, I would say our events are what I look forward to most each and every time they are coming. We actually do events all over the world I recently just got back from Sydney Australia; we had a great time hanging out with many of our Australian students over there. And we had events in the UK; we have events in the United States and as the company's growing and expanding the rate we’re always looking at putting on more events in more destinations.

The thing I would say about live events is if you get the opportunity to attend one (you absolutely should) nothing quite matches those live environment everything from being able to experience the training in person, being able to be involved with the questions and answers. Just being able to hang out at the bar afterwards. I've had some of the best conversations, I have created some of most important relationships in my business from hanging out at the bar after the events, whether you drink or not it’s up to you.

So yes, these events are happening all the time. We have different events for different parts of the education and different product lines that we have. We also have extremely regular live events on the Internet also known as webinars or Web casts and these are happening multiple times every single week. Prime example is when you get started with the SFM one of the very first live trainings that you will be doing “typically with my business partner Jay” is what we call a new member orientation. On that webinar that is where we are going to really work with you a small group on our live webinar to get you set up and understand exactly what steps are in order to go out and get the fastest results possible.

Yes! events are definitely something that we do and I can’t recommend more than anything actually making sure you get to one of them.

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What Makes SFM Any Different To Others?

Okay. To be fair I think it probably be a fairer question to ask one of our students who have actually gone through the coaching and using the business system because that way you're going to get a response from somebody who isn’t one of the co-founders. But naturally I think that there's a lot of things that make us incredibly different to anything else out there.

Maybe I'm a bit biased but I'm more than happy to share some of the things I think that really set us apart. First of all, what I would say is the step-by-step infrastructure that we have here is always commented on in a very complimentary way.

A lot of people who have tried to do things in the past on the internet have always said that they felt very overwhelmed and they're spreading themselves too thin. They have bought training courses and not even know where to start and they have just completely felt overloaded. With us we have a very well-designed and proven step-by-step program for you to follow. I think that's one of the first things that separate us apart from a lot of things out there. The other thing is that we provide real human support as I have mentioned earlier. We provide real human support through the steps. So if anytime you get stuck you need to reach out to your personal SFM business consultant. You are able to do that, you get their phone number you get their email address, you can connect with them on Facebook and you can text them.

We also have live chat something that you can access through working hours and you have the ability to email and put in support to our desk. So having that genuine real human support we don't outsource any part of our support, we don't have representatives who don't understand our business thoroughly and our education system. Everybody here that works for us is on our payroll and they've been with us in almost every instance for a long time. Some of our support agents are actually students of the company and so they really understand how to support people through the journey. And then finally without a doubt, what makes us very different is our business system and what it enables you to do in terms of getting started with a franchise like business out of a box system. The reason so many people failed to get really anywhere on the internet is because they failed to get set up. You know, there are loads a courses out there in terms of how to start a business or how to create your own product or how to set everything up. The amazing thing about our business system is, there is really no complicated setup at all and what I mean by that is you can get started you have web sites and you have the ability to create your own website very, very easily all of the technology is here under one roof.

You have the ability to plug and play with our existing affiliate products here you don't even need to go out there and find affiliate programs. To the point where imagine receiving one thousand dollar plus commissions for each and every sale that you make of a product, you know that is known as high tech commissions, but we have that all built within the system should you want to take that route. So, what that means is rather than going out and spending time researching products to sell or going out there trying to put everything together, trying to set web sites up; it’s all ready to go.

We give you links and then we teach you how to go out there and actually market and promote on the Internet including a topic call “List Building” (which are going to get into with our education here) so that your actually building an asset as you go along. And that list of customers or potential customers prospects will eventually become your biggest asset because it’s what really truly will make you self sufficient and independent as an online business owner and that's all ready to go. You know, we have customers actually going out there doing money producing activities within seven days of getting started with us. Imagine that, being fully in business, a business model that gives you the opportunity to earn a serious income almost out of the box. That’s definitely something that stands out whenever I get feedback from our students.

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Am I Too Old For This?

Well first of all I would probably say that you are too old for this if you decide you are too old for this. Over the years we've had retired individuals right into their eighties, in fact, accomplish things in their nineties who have gone on to earning income on the Internet. So, there's no doubt that the answer is that nobody is too old to do this as long as they want to do it. I think several years ago one of the difficulties with being successful in the Internet is the technology side was a lot more complicated. Getting set up with web sites, different business models, just to get them off the ground took a lot more technical know-how. So, if you were somebody who may be isn’t used to technology you don't like change, then you wouldn't be getting off to the best possible start. However, the great thing about what we've been able to do here at the SFM is create a kind of an out of the box system, there are some things that you need to learn about the system there are a few things that you need to do to set up but it really is about just following a series of videos. And I would say this; that when I look at all of our successful students over the years the one thing that they've had in common certainly hasn't been about how old they are. It's been about their will to do this; it's been about actually their commitment to actually following the training putting things into practice and making things happen.

I’ve got to tell you a couple of things, I’m extremely passionate about helping, let's say the baby boomer era” I think they have done an amazing job to give us the opportunities that we have today. Without my parents generation for example, doing the good things that they've done society would be very different we wouldn't have the opportunities that we have right now. And I think this is a great way for us to give back so I love working with the older students (baby boomers if you like). The other thing I'll say is that, one of the things I think people fear when they get maybe a little bit older getting started in business, is that there's not going to be other people like them to network with, maybe they won't fit in, maybe they're going to turn up for events and they are going to be the oldest person in the room. And I can put your mind at rest. I know actually there are average age at this time in the SFM community is late forties, forty eight to be precise and that's the average and we have so many members who are in their fifties, sixties, even seventies who are doing this and I know there are other education companies out there who are experiencing exactly the same.

I think there are a lot of people who are coming up to retirement or who have retired and they want an opportunity to be able to live life as best as possible. And quite often that means more money but they don't want to be working in supermarket or they don’t want to be doing sort of some part-time job. Many of our students have said look, “I'm over qualified for most of the part-time jobs out there I've got a lot of experience with being with customers or being a consultant or be in retail or whatever job they've been in, in the past” so they want to feel challenged and they want to do something this exciting and I think an internet business offers all of that. So, definitely yes, no worries there at all when it comes to being too old to work with our community and start business on the internet.

* Individual results will vary from person to person. Read our Disclaimer at bottom of this page.

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Can This Help Me Grow My Existing Business?

There's no doubt that growing your existing business is really going to come down to a few things but I will probably say the number one thing is being able to attract and get more customers. The education that we're going to provide you here absolutely is going to enable you to go out and get more customers and it's a huge focus of what we're going to teach you.

So if you got something that you're working on and you've got a business that you’re very happy with or your you're really looking to develop, then the education here is going to really help you to do that. One word of warning that I do like to put out there however, is sometimes people who spend a lot of time naturally and growing a business idea that they have or an existing business that they have based on their assuming that it's going to be the quickest way to put more money in the bank and that's quite often not the case. The advice I give my students all the time is only spend your time growing your existing business. If it's a business that you really want to have, if you've got a business right now that you are not that passionate about, if you've got a business that actually you're not really that bothered about whether you have it or not but right now it is what’s putting money into the bank account and food on the table; than what you might want to do is actually looking to set up almost like a second business alongside what you doing right now and eventually replace that business with something that you are really passionate about.

My huge focus here at SFM in our community is showing people how they can create and build a business that they love and the result of that is they can then go on towards living a life that they love. And I think is really impossible to really live your ultimate life if you're not in love with your business. And I think you have to love your business, it’s like having another child or having a child that takes a lot of effort a lot of nurturing a lot of assistance to a success so you just need to think about it wisely. If you have something right now that you want to grow, you want to improve upon we are absolutely going to provide you with almost everything you could possibly need including the tools and technologies to help you grow your existing business.

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How Quickly Can I Make Money?

I should have known I was going to get that question because that's one of the questions I hate being asked, “How quickly can I make money” because it really is the answer is kind of how long is a piece of string it's different for everybody. The first thing I would say on that is, you know, in life and business you've heard it many times before, “you get out of it what you put in” and it is absolutely true here, if you put more effort in you can expect to see results a lot faster.

Now, I will tell you that we've had students over the years that’ve made money very, very quickly that had results far faster than exceeded their expectations with the reason being that we actually have a proven business system here. In other words it's kind of like a plug-and-play affiliate marketing system.  The system we provide you is the exact business system that myself and business partner Jay uses to make our sales on the internet and earn money. So, you know you're working with something that we've invested heavily in, in fact over seven figures has been invested into getting this system setup. So everything is designed to be efficient and everything is designed to work the as fast as possible, but I will always come down to several things or always going to be some variables. The one that I'll mention is obviously the amount of time you prepared to put into the training and into getting the business off the ground. The other thing is how coachable are you? You know, are somebody who will take in information and then apply it. So, that ties in very nicely with are you an action taker or your somebody who is actually going to put into practice the stuff that we're going to teach you.

Now, we have changed things over the years to speed up the process for individuals when it comes to making money and that's why we've had success case studies, where people have made money their very first week of getting started with us and naturally that's exceptional to get those kind of results. The primary reason for that is, what we have got very good at, teaching individuals, “money producing activities” and we do our very best to stop individuals getting distracted. The problem with the internet is that there are a lot of kind of magic bullets and shiny objects out there and it’s very easy to get distracted by the likes of video, Facebook and YouTube and those kinds of things. There are tons of information articles out there. The internet isn't lacking education and information; in fact, you can almost learn anything you want on the internet for free but the problem is the amount of overwhelm that comes with the Internet. Going from article to article, video to video isn't going to keep you focussed on what's going to get resolves the quickest and that's what your guaranteed to get here is a proven model that you can get plugged straight into following a linear step-by-step fashion and go out there and take action on money producing activities without all the distractions you'd normally expect.

So, you can get resolved very quickly but I  wouldn’t dare a definitive answer on how fast you or anybody else would make money. If that's the question that you have then I'm afraid it is a case of getting stuck in and proving it yourself.

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Can I Do This Around My Job And Commitments?

So one of the biggest advantages to having an internet business is the fact that you can do it from anywhere as long as you've got a laptop or computer and internet connection you're in business. So that being the case you can absolutely build a business around your day job or other commitments and around family because you have that kind of flexibility on your side.

The other thing I will say on that though is that it's very, very important that if you're intending on having any real results that you don’t  treat your business as a kind of a side project or like a hobby. You really do have to commit to working on it on a regular basis, in fact, consistency is probably one of the most important things that you need to bring to the business. But I have had so many students over the years who've been able to build successful businesses and income streams around their day jobs around other commitments by only working, you know, an hour or so a day on their business, but like I said, making sure that you treat it like a priority is important.  If you treat it like a hobby you'll be paid like it's a hobby and I don't know about you but I don't get paid for my hobbies. When I'm out golfing on fortune I'm not quite good enough to get paid for that, so it's the same as your internet stuff you know. If you just sort of treat it as a bit of a hobby and as a side project, the chances are you're not going to really get the results that you're looking for. I think consistency is more important than sporadic amounts of effort. Too many people will maybe put in four or five hours in one day and then leave it for a week and that's just not going to work. Whereas a reasonable amount of time on a consistent basis is what it really takes to get the kind of results where you can start putting money in your bank account.

So, yes absolutely, if you're concerned around the fact that you worked long hours and you have family commitments, I've seen it time and time again is more than possible with the right attitude to build a successful business.

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What Kind Of Business Can I Build?

When it comes to talking about the type of business that you can build as a result of being a student of the SFM. The actual answers theres an infinite amount of opportunities and types of businesses that you could go out and building and I'll give you some examples of that in a minute. Before I do that I just want to explain to you that the main focus of our education, particularly for your first three to six months here is teaching you and showing you how to market online. Marketing in business is the lifeblood of any business. Whether you're talking offline or online, knowing how to get your products and services in front of a target audience really is everything. You could have the best product or service in the world but if nobody knows it exists then how on earth are they going to make a decision to purchase that product or service. So what we going to do is, we’re going to focus very heavily and almost an intensive way on how to market online and believe me you do not need to be technical or have anything like that or have previous experience in order to do that.

Now, the result of being able to market on the Internet means that you then get to pick and choose the type of business that you go and build and grow. Examples within our own community here, is we have students who have gone on to be highly paid consultants consulting small, medium and large businesses on how to market their products and services. We've had students here who have gone on to be local business marketers; in other words they’ve gone on to actually get inside the small businesses and then go out and actually do the marketing for those businesses and as a result get paid for it. We've had students who have, you know; continue to just focus on affiliate marketing in direct sales the business model that we highly recommend people start with. Purely because it's the fastest way to put money in your bank account it also gives you complete geographical freedom you don't need to be tied to one location. And I’ll say probably the bulk of our students actually stick with that type of business model because it really does offer the most amount of flexibility.

We've also had students who have gone on to go and sell many of their own products and services including creating from scratch their very own products and services. We've even had students who have gone on to go and grow and help grow charities and that kind of thing. The thing that you need to take away from from what I'm saying right now is once you know how to market, once you understand how to market you really have so many options in terms of the type of business that you could have as an end result. I think the key thing though for you to understand if you are like many of our students first of all, you just want to have a business that is paying you and paying you enough money to be self sufficient and independent and work at home or maybe quit your job or maybe retire a husband or maybe you know have more money coming into the household then you're going to want to make sure that you focus on the training that we first provide in the Getting Started modules. Because that is what is designed to do it is designed to show you how to put money in your bank account as fast as possible so that you can then get that result and then scale those results in order to write your own pay cheque and the amount of money is going to come down to the amount of effort that you put in but it's exciting that's what I would say is online marketing the opportunities are endless once you really understand what to do, you know, you really get to pick and choose.

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