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Brain re-programming an introduction to sacred geometry and its use for changing Epigenome


Dr Ken West from Brainskey has been investigating the Epi-genom and use of sacred geometry for changing it.

The concept is that you can reprogram the subconscious default settings, to empower and fulfill your human, highest potential, and in all areas, such as sport, business, and life.

For example Ryan has been working on his Golf handicap and has halved it in a short time frame.

The original concept evolved from researching the work of Emma Kunz (CH) and Prof. Walter Kniesel (D). Both with histories of producing impressive shifts in human performance with unconventional means, such as complex geometry. The results of testing their concepts warranted further and further investigation. Connected concept of Epi-Genetics was researched through Bruce Lipton’s work, “Biology of Belief”.

Ken Wet of Brainskey  has conducted over years worth of research and development of reprogramming the subconscious default settings using dynamic sacred geometry for the purpose of aligning humans with themselves.

The goal was to find one process to create instantaneous, total alignment of the person with who they truly are.

By using a combination of “energy” tools, Dr. Ken West works to delete the self-destructive programming in our subconscious and restore the subconscious mind into rational thought patterns.

Which will, in turn, manifest itself in the conscious mind.

To align the conscious and subconscious Dr. West goes to the physical location for the zero point in the brain located between the limbic and the cognitive areas.

His method for accessing this connection is to stimulate the 12 cranial nerves with visual images, that are animated and complex, they are oscillating geometric patterns, which you lock in by drinking water, its combination of the images and sound too with the water swallowing that lock in the changes.

Destructive programs are held in the limbic brain, and come out of our normal consciousness.

The cognitive brain holds our goals and dreams; the thoughts and emotions that want us to have a nice life.

By stimulating these centers together, he is able to open communication with the limbic brain, delete the negative thoughts and images and align both centers with empowering thoughts focused on the client’s highest good.

Thoughts of love, appreciation, patience, support, gratitude, humility and other similar qualities open a heart-centered experience and the individual’s life energy flows freely without stress of unconscious resistance.

We think of it as a resent button on a computer.

It reboots us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Once the conscious mind is restored, life becomes a journey of new experiences vibrating at a higher level of consciousness.

Decisions are easier, thought patterns are clearer, stress is relieved, and anxiety deflates.

Restoring the body and mind back to its optimum is the goal.

Dr Kenneth West

Dr. West, a retired Optometrist, has spent over 30 years involved in supporting humans striving for the highest levels of performance in sport, business, and life.

His process is one of optimisation, taking what you have today and improving on it step by step, keeping what works and discarding what does not.

In Oxford University for 5 years Dr West lectured the graduate program The Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance.

He has worked extensively with Olympic Gold Medallists, world champions, and other elite athletes on an international and national level in 45 different sports.

At last count, he has worked in 25 countries to improve performance with professional athletes who have improved their personal best by 70%.

The comparative investigation between international sports and the chronic disease processes has helped evolve the process that Dr. West works with.

He has done extensive investigative studies with some publication in professional journals and many invited lectures/workshops

Dr. West has been supported by many academics, researchers, practitioners, therapists and interested people from all around the world in this search.

The institutions of Oxford University, University of Oklahoma, University of Utah, U.S Airforce Academy & the University of Stellenbosch have all made major contributions.

You can find Dr. Ken West’s website at  and sign up and experience his process, and gain access to “200 CONCEPTS TO SHIFT YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS“.. is the home of ideas, tools and models to shift your life experiences from challenging to optimum and enjoyable. is the home of ideas, tools and models to shift your life experiences from challenging to optimum and enjoyable.

Benefits of using Brainskey.

How Can I Benefit From Putting BrainsKey™ into Action?

100 ways your life could change

1. Create your own process to find what it is you are experiencing and the actions, reactions, interactions and experiences associated with it.
2. Find positive experiences that you would like to experience.
3. Find ways to solve negative experiences you are having.
4. Find ways to resolve negative experiences into positive ones.
5. Use dynamic sacred geometry to “reset” your subconscious.
6. Find ways to resolve the paradox you are experiencing.
7. Find ways to understand the matrix that creates your world.
8. Find ways to get to the core of your issues.
9. Find ways to break down old patterns and build new ones and engrain their geometry into your subconscious field.
10. Create and practice shifting low consciousness thoughts and intents into higher consciousness thoughts and intents.
11. Learn how to develop higher consciousness interpersonal communication skills.
12. Learn how to develop higher consciousness actions, reactions, interactions & experiences.
13. Learn how to use the hierarchy of Epi-Genetics to override lower level concepts.
14. Learn how to use affirmations more effectively.
15. Learn how to master situations and experiences.
16. Learn how to see situations and relationships in more depth in their rich tapestry.
17. Learn how to cooperate with yourself and with others.
18. Learn how to make choices about what you want to solve, resolve, dissolve and evolve in your life.
19. Experience shifting your own reality and experience at your own pace and in your own time.
20. Assist others in shifting their own reality.
21. Let go of all your negative charges on memories of negative experiences.
22. Let go of all trauma you have experienced.
23. Awaken to the Epi-Genome and learn how to work with it to attract the experiences you want.
24. Remove the barriers to experiencing the Law of Attraction.
25. Learn how to work with the Laws of the Universe to become who you truly are.
26. Shift your default settings from negative to positive ~ detrimental to beneficial.
27. Free yourself from repetitive detrimental behaviors.
28. Free yourself from low self esteem, low self image and low self confidence.
29. Free yourself from self sabotage and detrimental addictions.
30. Improve your relationships and how you communicate with others.
31. Improve how you create fair exchange with others.
32. Improve how you balance your life with more fun and enjoyment.
33. Understand how you create everything in your experience through your thoughts and actions. Then, learn to shift them to what you would like to think and experience.
34. Learn how to help those around you to find solutions and resolution for what they are creating.
35. Develop more understanding how the invisible and visible universes work together.
36. Be supported by a network of mentors and practitioners to optimize your results.
37. Optimize linking sound therapy with dynamic sacred geometry to reset the schematic of your brains.
38. Develop strategies to deal with future events & situations in a more effective manner.
39. Develop a customized system to optimize your spiritual path and consciousness.
40. Have insight into what you do not know.
41. Learn how to create more options to resolve conflict in your self and life.
42. Learn the difference between solving and resolving.
43. Watch old behavior patterns dissolve.
44. Observe yourself evolving step by step, and thought by thought.
45. Learn the difference between the path of learning and difficulty, and the path of grace and ease.
46. Watch conflict with friends and family dissolve.
47. Watch your emotional buttons, that others push in you, disappear.
48. Watch physical and emotional stress disappear.
49. Watch your relationships improve.
50. Watch your ability to manifest improve.
51. Watch misfortune and accidents stop happening to you.
52. Free yourself from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma.
53. Free yourself from negative karma and karmic debt.
54. Accelerate your development physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
55. Become part of a network of those on a similar path.
56. Experience aligning yourself with energy, information, structure and change.
57. Align yourself with your true self and the source of All that Is.
58. Free yourself from all conflict; internal, external, subconscious & conscious, spirit & flesh.
59. Learn the difference between functioning at lower consciousness and higher consciousness, 3D & 5D.
60. Let go of all your emotional baggage.
61. Experience your motivation to exercise and maintain a healthy body improve.
62. Experience your taste buds shift to support your optimal weight.
63. Experience more love and appreciation for others and yourself.
64. Feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders.
65. Become more sensitive to energy.
66. Watch your psychic abilities expand and evolve.
67. Experience more creativity and free yourself from blocks.
68. Free yourself from resistance to what is best for you.
69. Reverse your accelerated aging you have created through exposure to toxins: biochemical, radiation, emotions, etc.
70. Experience life with appropriate levels of stress.
71. Free yourself from guilt, shame and disgrace.
72. Free yourself from unworthiness and being not good enough.
73. Gain power and vision to resolve your relationships and life.
74. Shift your defaults from pain, fear, anger and grief to peace, love, joy and bliss.
75. Shift your DNA to function optimally.
76. Delete programming to create dis-ease processes.
77. Be the change that you want to see in the world.
78. Change others through changing yourself.
79. Shift your default from preferring your head to your heart.
80. Shift your default from preferring your physical body to your spirit.
81. Build an energy system that is not affected by those functioning in lower consciousness.
82. Work with a system that embraces all systems.
83. Work with a system that is free from dogma and bias.
84. Work alone or with friends and family.
85. Begin when you want, stop when you want, start again when you want.
86. Be trained as a mentor or practitioner to support others in the process.
87. Improve the consciousness of the planet by doing your part.
88. Learn how to take responsibility for all that you think and do, to receive fair reward.
89. Raise your frequency and ability to receive and transmit light.
90. Stop being who you do not want to be.
91. Gain confidence with lower levels before you move higher.
92. Be free to learn and work in single areas or many areas at the same time.
93. Benefit from years of research on the dpi-genome without having to stucture it yourself by trial and error.
94. Benefit from many of the dynamic sacred geometry sequences without having to build them yourself.
95. Benefit from the simplified process and not have to deal with all of it at the same time.
96. Receive support when you want or need it.
97. Choose who you want to support you, either inside our system or outside.
98. Give feedback to improve our system with your insight and experience.
99. Have someone listen to your experience and help others benefit from it.
100. Invest in something that will change the world as we know it.

Live Event

However having attended a live event in Zurich and experienced the online system, the live event and meeting Dr Ken in person is far more powerful.

At the event in Zurich I experienced Ken’s 181 Paradox reset.

Where you review all the Paradoxes that have been running your life to date and through a 2 day process you reset each and everyone of them.

The feeling is after resetting is one of complete freedom to be who you were truly meant to be.

Ken runs these sessions of small groups of 10 students and we are planning on helping set up one in early 2019, so if you are interested please let us know and we will keep you up to date on when and where, it’s likely to be between London and Zurich in spring 2019.

Video interview with Dr. Ken West.

Ken was interviewed a few years ago and we share here for your review.


Testimonials for Dr. Ken West.

“The biggest single shift I have experienced in one session that is still having positive ripple in my life. Truly like nothing I have ever experienced.”

“An extremely powerful session that allowed me to see my empowering thought patterns, recognize them and not have the same emotional reactions to them. Am now able to respond to them(self-sabotage) and let them go.”


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