13 Reasons To Start A Business In Your 40's And Live A Life You Love Today!

13 Reasons To Start A Business In Your 40’s And Live A Life You Love Today!

Thanks to a constant stream of updates from social media and television you will have heard endlessly about.

The Millennials that are that raking it in and living it up in life with their innovative young ideas, wearable technology, those ‘apps’ that seem to constantly make 1999 seem centuries ago.

They drive sexier cars than you, they make much more money than you, it looks to you that they have it all, plus they are half your age!

As someone born last century can you even think of competing with that?

The answer my friend is a simple three letter word,  can you guess it?

Clue “used as a response to someone addressing one or trying to attract one’s attention. For example ‘Oh, Mr. Lawrence.’ ”

Answer =   YES

Here are my 13 reasons, why being over your 40th year on Earth is the best time to start a business and gain the life you always wanted and ultimately deserve:

1. You Will Get To Wake Up Every Day And Jump Out Of Bed Excited For The Day Ahead

Let’s start with the number #1 reason that people in their 40’s start their own business.

You’ve seen it all and you are done living on someone else’s terms, you know what being truly alive feels like and you want more of it, you want to feel alive every day, not just weekends and holidays, you want to take hold of your life and make it the very best it can be and you want it now.

You want to literally jump out of bed at dawn and watch the sunrise and be excited about your day ahead. You want to spend your day doing something because you love to do it.

You so want to finally be able to live the life you have been working so hard to achieve for the last 40 years.

You know that it will take a lot of hard work, you’re not afraid of hard work. You know it will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before and that gets you excited and on fire. You are ready for the rollercoaster ride to success and know that at the end of the day you will take control so that you can have a thriving business and lifestyle, that you deserve. You will be the boss and live life on your terms, not someone else’s and you will be the version of you that you knew you could be, given the chance, the millennials would call it  “You 2.0” 🙂

2. You Will Remember What It Was Like To Love Learning About New Stuff

None of us likes to feel like the world is leaving us behind. We don’t like to feel dumber than the youngsters as we gracefully age.

A spark, that you grow into a furnace-like fire can start with a choice to start your own business, you can put yourself back in the competition. You can rock launch your learning curve and catch up and overtake all those kids.

This idea of even thinking about learning again and especially about the newest technology and the digital/online world probably feels very daunting. It’s not something you can avoid it, you need to learn this stuff. Let me be totally clear here, that If you want to succeed in today’s digital age and the digital economy, you have to embrace the opportunity to learn about the digital age.

You have seen the Dot.com boom age, you saw the housing boom, you’ve seen them all Boom and at times Bust, this is now the Digital Age and you need to be part of it, or be taken over by it.

Have you seen the BBC talking about the Digital Age and how your job is NOT safe? That intelligent machines will take over your job in the next decades. See article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-34066941, you would imagine an Accountant’s job would be safe, no 95% chance of an intelligent machine taking that role over.

Break yourself away from your normal way of thinking and be determined to learn today’s digital skills to thrive in business.

Another upside of keeping up with the latest technological advances and the digital age is that you will enlarge your reach and connect with a global audience. It will give you confidence and respect from others. The world will appreciate that you have the amazing combination of experience and the latest digital knowledge. It will also fire the neurons in your grey matter, keeping your mind active, alert, informed and excited to learn more.

3. “Work Smarter Not Harder” Is A Phrase You Know Only To Well

You have put in the hours over the years and by now know there is more to life than working endless hours to make someone else rich.

You understand that a work-life balance is needed to enjoy life to the fullest and know that it is about time you tipped the scales to give you a life you love.

You know that you need to learn how to use the digital technology to make your job easier and more flexible, and you have seen for yourself the positive impact that this attitude has had on the trendier workplaces, with people working remotely and taking longer holidays and timeout when they start a family, and even sabbaticals later on in their careers. You want some of that lifestyle for yourself.

You know it’s time to get fully focused, to be clear on what it is your really want from life and to totally go for it and want it as much as your next breath.

4. The World Has Shrunk To The Size Of An Internet Screen

The internet has opened up endless possibilities for Life and Businesses.

Our own social media consulting business has clients in our home county of Buckinghamshire as well as San Diego and New York in the United States and we talk to people across the world on a daily basis on social media, Skype, and email.

So if you want to run your business around your lifestyle you can, for example New York is 5 hours behind me, so I can work with my clients in the afternoon and evening, leaving the mornings free to do what I like, that is often going for an early morning ride on my horse, as the sun joins us in the UK.

You can choose when those hours will fit in with your own desired lifestyle.

As the Internet is everywhere you can travel whenever you like and take your business with you and as the internet runs 24 hours a day it still runs while you are away on holiday, while you sleep, of course, you have to set it up in the first place with this lifestyle in mind. This flexibility is available to any online business which doesn’t have the restrictions faced by traditional bricks and mortar businesses such as a shop. Our best advice is to always start your business in the way you intend it to run in the future. If you want a digital business that you can run from anywhere in the world, set it up to be portable from the get-go.

5. All The Information You Need Is Available Digitally

In the past, we went to the Library and borrowed a book for a few weeks and had to go back and extend the time if we hadn’t got around to reading it. Nowadays you have Google and Siri who you can speak to and ask a question and find thousands of answers. Youtube has a video for just about everything you would ever need to do, need to replumb the kitchen dishwasher, Youtube has a video ( 7020 to date) on how to do that and for your exact model no doubt.

The wide variety of information is awesome, yet sometimes it seems like there is almost too much information and you can get stuck choosing which to learn from to fill your knowledge gaps.

You need to find a suitable course online to fill in the gaps in a logical and thoughts out manner, to lead you through the maze of options.

6. You Have Already Faced Fear

By 40, you will have had to face your Fears, of exams, of paying the bills, of losing a loved one, of failure and the many other fears, by 40 you have faced and conquered many Fears.

Fear will always be there, it’s how our brains are wired, it is the survival mechanism, yet with Mindset training an Entrepreneur learns how to tune down the noise of Fear and face it in the eye, as beyond Fear is FREEDOM.

7. You Have Many Friends And Contacts And Your Linkedin Profile Has A 1M+ Downline!

You have networked your arse off over the years, you have been there, seen it, got the T-Shirt and the Mug. You will have partied with some big wigs along the way, grabbed a Star Bucks with people from all walks of life, industries and attracted some great friends, have a family, colleagues, numerous acquaintances both personal, professional, Facebook and Linkedin!.

All your friends will have done the same, so your network reach, like on Linkedin will be multiple of your contacts, so with one phone call or text you are within the reach of millions of individuals who you know are willing, capable, able to support, advice and provide referrals.

8. You Have The Golden Nuggets = Experience

You worked hard and spent a lot of time gaining your experience and its one of those things that belong entirely to you. Your experience in life and business is totally unique and no-one can have the exact same insights as you, it is yours to own and share as you feel its right to do.

It goes without saying that over the millennials your Experience is a MASSIVE benefit, especially when you’re starting a business. You already have the skills to clearly define what you want to achieve, you know how to evaluate all the opportunities available to you, how to plan and work out the steps you need to take to start making immediate progress and you know that to accomplish the plan you must “Plan The Work And Work The Plan’ and you are willing and able to  roll up your sleeves and get to work.

And having had successes over the years you know when and how to celebrate the small and big successes.

9. You Are Already A Responsible Person

You have probably got a family or partner, a mortgage or two, a car or three,  you love to go on holiday twice a year, Ski and Sunshine. You work hard for what you have and are prepared to do whatever you have to do to keep it and expand upon it. You plan to create a lasting legacy for your family, friends and favourite charity.

You know the reality of what will happen if you don’t succeed, so you WILL make it work!

This familiarity with responsibility and accountability will work extremely well in your favour and motivate you to achieve all the things you have been dreaming about for your life.

10. You Are Clear About Your Abilities

You might have different jobs, you might have dipped a toe into entrepreneurship before, or it’s been a thought you’ve had.

You know yourself enough to identify what skills you do and don’t have and therefore what you need help with to be a success in business.

You’ve done enough Human Resources tests and reviews to know your strengths and weaknesses and no need assistance to get past the weak points and use your strengths.

You are newish to the online business world and aren’t sure where to start with building a website, marketing on social media or reaching your audience online.

11. You Have Already Failed At Least Once At Something & Know It’s Not The End OF Everything

By 40 you will have failed at something at least once, a relationship, a job, a Do-It-Yourself project and you will know it’s not the end of the world, you know that you dust yourself off and get back into life, and for the DIY project next time you hire someone who knows what they are doing!.

That is the same when you start on the Entrepreneurial journey, find yourself a Tutor and Mentor who has been there, done it and got the T-Shirt and can show you how to do it right.

12. You know yourself and have put behind you the majority of your Self-Limiting Beliefs

You know who you are, you know what you are capable of by 40, you will have identified your self-limiting beliefs, at least, most of them that you know of, yet you will have blind spots that with Mind Method training you will identify and reveal and eventually us as new strengths.

Much of the journey to create a Thriving business is in the head, it’s Mindset and that’s an area you will want to find a great mentor, who will guide you through the mazes.

13. You Have The Finances To Support Your Entrepreneurial Journey

By now you are no longer living week to week. You are following some sort of a plan, you have saved and may be invested. You have acquired cars, houses, B&O sound system, a record & CD collection, maybe a few pets and some useful assets and know that if all else fails you will be able to access cash.

There are many options when starting a new business and one that we recommend for people in your position is an online business as it’s something that will provide you with immediate flexibility.

You can choose to build your business around your current job and wait for it to be profitable enough to leave the day job or jump straight in, especially if you have the desire and means (for example a redundancy, like me  ) to do so.

It has been proven many times over that when you have more to lose, you have more chance of succeeding, as you have the drive and determination needed.

My question to you is “What is holding you back from getting started today?

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