7 Ways to Develop a Millionaire Mindset

So you think that you want to become a millionaire entrepreneur.

Of course you are not alone, billions daily dream of leaving their job, the boss, the commute, the politics and becoming their own boss, and enjoying the jet set life a millionaire. And we must remember that there is a massive difference between those some-day dreamers, of becoming millionaires and those who actually do.

And it begins and ends with one thing and that is your mindset.

If you do not develop the right millionaire mindset, you will continue to spin your wheels, working hard, and never going anywhere near success and fortune.

Developing a millionaire mindset will require you to suspend your current thinking and create a whole new way of thinking, because doing the same thing and expecting a different result is Insanity.

You can start on you Millionaire Mindset today by working on the following in your life, of course ensuring you do it full out, no holding back, fully committed and you might stand a chance of being a millionaire and even a billionaire.

Good Luck, You’ll need it 🙂


1. Have a BIG vision.

If you desire to your core to be a millionaire, or you want to run a seven-figure business (£/$ 1,234,567 ), you have to get really clear on your WHY, you want it.

Why do you want to be a millionaire? 

You must be really clear on your WHY, so that when times get tough, as they will, or you don’t want to wake up at 5 am again or create another advertising campaign, or shake another hand, or sit on another call, you’re WHY drives you to do it, with passion, anyway.

What impact do you want to have?

What is the positive impact of achieving your seven-figure goal, and even more compelling, what’s the negative impact of not achieving it?

When you make your vision and your WHY about others, there’s an exponential increase in the inspired action that you will take to achieve it.

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world have very big missions. They know exactly where they’re going and why they’re going there. They are clear on the impact and the legacy they’re building.

What is your impact? And what kind of legacy do you want to build? The greater you connect to your impact, the more willing you’ll be to do the uncomfortable things that lead to the exponential growth.

For example, Richard Branon says:

Fun is at the core of the way I like to do business and it has been key to everything I’ve done from the outset. More than any other element, fun is the secret of Virgin’s success. I am aware that the ideas of business as being fun and creative goes right against the grain of convention, and it’s certainly not how they teach it at some of those business schools, where business means hard grind and lots of ‘discounted cash flows’ and net’ present values’.

In addition, millionaire business owners have a do it now mentality and rather than putting things off, they do what is necessary now, they eat the frog, in that they do the scary or impossible sooner and do not put off like most of us do.

Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing and being a do it now kind of person will push you to get what you want.

A great book to help you with your WHY

is “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Start with Why analyses leaders like Martin Luther King Jr and Steve Jobs and discovers that they all think in the same way – they all started with why.

Simon Sinek explains the framework needed for businesses to move past knowing what they do to how they do it, and then to ask the more important question-WHY?




2. Totally Love what you do.

When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. And, when you love what you do, money will inevitably flow to and through you.

Figure out what it is you really Love to do, maybe is a hobby you had as a child, maybe it is something you have never thought of, look through all the different job roles & businesses that exist and see which resonates with you, don’t follow your head, follow your heart, find something that you have a passion for, so it feels like play rather than work.

And if, at the moment, you’re working in a career or job you don’t really love, have a go at shifting the way you think about it, you can shift your entire mindset, you have that super-power.

Rather than moaning about your job, think of it as your financial supporter, it’s supporting you as you make the choices needed to get to where you want to be.

Speak love & life into your present situation and shift your way of being so that you cherish your job for providing you the means to pursue the work you love.

Love the life you have, while you build the life you desire“.

3. Focus on the problem you are solving.

Be very clear on the problem your business solves.

Start to see solutions where others see only problems.

We know that when the going gets tough, most people pack it in and go home, the millionaire mind knows that there is always a solution to every situation, and that, no matter how big the problem or challenge, it’s a blessing in disguise.

Each situation is an opportunity for your growth, every time you step outside your comfort zone you grow, the more you can grow the better. Even so-called ‘failures’ will reap you benefits, think of every issue as a stepping stone to your success.

By focusing on solutions rather than problems, you maintain a positive mindset and are not knocked off track by circumstances beyond your control. The more you grow as an entrepreneur, the greater the pressure, the responsibility and the problems, so ready yourself sooner than later.

Millionaires are excited by their challenges and face their fears because they know that life, freedom and financial abundance lies on the other side.  And people are attracted to people who are solution providers.

4. Continually work on your leadership skills.

Ensuring you grow your leadership skills is going to dramatically shift and change everything in your life and business.

The more you grow your leadership skills, the more you’re going to attract other like-minded leaders into your business and grow it fast.

Join a community of like-minded Entrepreneurs and network and network and network 🙂

We joined a community called the Digital Experts Academy because we wanted to know others who were on the same journey, and nearly 4 years later we are still learning daily from them.

5. Be open-minded.

Millionaire & Billionaire business owners are always working on their personal growth.

First and foremost, get yourself a coach. 

My life was impacted so much by having a coach, actually, I have two, brothers Guy and Ilan.

A coach will see things you don’t even know you don’t know.

They will pull and push you and keep you accountable and will save you months, if not years on your journey to success.

They will also help your whole Life, as the “way you do one thing is the way you do everything”, life is not segregated into neat areas, it’s all one thing called LIFE. And a coach will help you redefine your life so it rocks in all areas, love, wealth, health, relationships, fitness, business, the lot. So get a coach or two.

When you get a coach, please be open-minded and be coachable.

Often what happens when you seek wise advice from a coach, you put up a wall of opinions, between you and the feedback you are receiving. Know that a coach sees your business and life from an outside perspective that you cannot.

Trust that your coach has the skills & wisdom and a fuller picture than you.

The more prepared you are to hear and implement the feedback, the faster your business & life will grow.

A great analogy my coaches told me was to imagine every suggestion, feedback as something I try on.

When you buy a jacket you try it on before refusing to buy it, they suggested I left my opinions at the door, I could pick them up on the way out, and try on all the feedback as if it was a jacket I was trying on. See how it fits and wear it if it does, if not try on the next, however, try it for a while – a week, not just a quick on / off ‘Nah not for me”.

Enjoy the jack trying on 🙂 ( replace with shoes, cars, boats, houses if that resonates better with you than a jacket 🙂 )

6. Change you’re doing to being & feeling.

Entrepreneurs are constantly doing things to make results happen.

They believe that, once they become a millionaire/billionaire, they will ‘have make it’ and be significant and have done something worthwhile and people, (fathers, mothers, partners) will be proud of them.

However that is all back to front,  if you truly want to be a millionaire, you must first be and think like a millionaire.

In doing so, you will attract the necessary resources to you.

It’s not about doing something in order to have something or in order to be someone.

You must be someone first.

Someone who has what she/he needs in order to take the inspired actions.

To become a millionaire, you must feel like a millionaire and think like a millionaire, this will allow you to take the inspired actions that turn you into a true millionaire.

7. Do everything from Love.

Start all do from a position of Love.

We all carry a ton of personal baggage, start by clearing that all up, so you have a clean slate from which to start your journey to success.

As we said above Life is interrelated with all you do, all you are is all you do, and the way you do one thing is the way you do everything, so do everything you do from a position of Love.

Love what you do and love everything you do, if you cannot start from Love then work out why you are blocking yourself. Here I highly recommend a mindset/life coach to help you move past all your self-limiting beliefs, we all have them, and often they are hidden below the surface, sabotaging our efforts for success.

A mindset coach will be able to assist you in identifying them and assist you in moving past them to success.

Do everything from Love.

I can recommend some amazing mindset coaches, my mentors Guy and Ilan from Satori Prime, the Have It All Coaching team, a gang of awesome coaches. You can find out more at HaveItAll.co


We wish you the ultimate Life and ultimate Success.



The Magpiess

Kev, Rich and Ryan

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