Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life!!!

Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life!!!

Every Wednesday I pack my laptop and drive  to a beautiful space in Milton Keynes, called the collaboration space, on the way I cross 15 roundabouts, as is the way in Milton Keynes [MK]!

The office space is on the fourth floor, offering clear views over MK, it’s decked out in rainbow colours and is a perfect space to work in, for a change from the home office each week and a great chance to mastermind with other business owners.

This week I met up with a friend and he regaled me of his skydiving experience; and I felt it resonated with the experience you are probably seeing for yourself today!.

My friend talked with enthusiasm about his skydiving experience, he noted that he was very nervous, excited and slightly embarrassed about being strapped to another man, his skydiving instructor for the tandem dive. and a little too close for comfort! he noted, as he could feel everything!

As they sat in the noisy plane, hurtling through the sky at 10,000’s feet above the ground, the noise, the wind, the fear all started rising as the door to the outside was flung open, he watched the person in front awkwardly bum shuffle to the door and have a quick pre-jump picture taken and then whoooshm the instructor let go of the pole over the door and they were sucked out and gone, where did they go!

As It was his turn to bum shuffle into place, and hang his legs out the door and feel them flapping in the fierce wind, he smiled [grimaced] at the camera and then his instructor let go of the pole keeping them in the place and they released [jumped] into the sky.

As he exited the relative safety of the plane, pure primal fear coursed through his mind…..

And only seconds later to be replaced with total joy and freedom as he free fell through the sky ; he was flying and it felt amazing …..

So how does this story form my friend relate to your today and the SFM education and chance of starting your own business?!

You are that fearful person, thinking about taking a leap of faith, scared, unsure, worried what could happen…yet excited at the potentially thrilling and life changing experience that awaits you when you do jump!!

This is the moment to take your courage in hand and jump … and you’ll see the fear was unworthy of your attention because this jump into the unknown is the best thing you will ever do …

The new year is nearly here, be brave today and jump now so that the start of 2019 sees you free falling and loving life…

If you chicken out and stay in the plane, 2019 will be like all the years before, isn’t it time for a change?

Jump and live that life you deserve and promised yourself….

Join now and live the life you deserve in 2019…….

All memberships come with a 30-day money back guarantee, if you don’t like the system, the trainers or anything, just press a button in the back office and your refund will be send and no questions asked or phone calls required.

Sign up NOW and start the adventure of your life.

See you flying soon!


The Magpies

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