Dolly in 'Moonraker' never wore braces.

Dolly Never wore braces on her teeth in Moonraker but many think she did!

The Mandela effect came to mind today, so I thought I’d share..

I read this article a while ago and for some reason, it came to mind.

Have you ever remembered something a certain way and others remember it totally differently?

A Mandela effect is where a large portion of a community remembers the occasion one way when in fact ( from evidence ) they are misremembering.

This is where James Bond 007 comes in!

During Moonraker Jaws meets himself a pretty lady with ponytails and LOTS of us remember, I included, that she had braces, and that’s one of the reasons Jaws liked her, the ponytails are endearing too 🙂

There are theories that abound about parallel universes warping into each other, or us humans just have bad memories!

Because Dolly NEVER wore braces, at least not in the evidence seen in the original films!!!


What do you think?


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