4 Weeks ago we started advertising on Google Ads, using Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) option, we did this along with a community of Six Figure Mentor DEA Gold level members.

We followed the Google Ads training, set up our youtube channel, perfected our video ads ( that took months ), or at least to a level we felt we could show them 🙂

For 3 weeks they did nothing!

It seems that was the same for all people in the community, apart from those who had already been advertising for months.

We started from scratch.

After some experimenting, the community proved that the people with a history of ad spend got traction fast and those without got little to none.

The Magpies took the view that we need to get the ball rolling and to do that we needed to give the CPA engine as much juice as possible.

So we took our daily budget and multiplied by 10 and took our ideal CPA and multiplied by 5.

We took our few campaigns and created 48, each with a set of keywords that was massive.

We’d been using less than 100 before and often 1, like Tony Robbins.

This time we took the Google Ads keyword planner information and used ALL of the keywords, even those we knew would be useless.

And for 1/3 of our campaigns, the CPA started to work.

The rest did nothing as before.

We let them run and in a long weekend over the August UK Bank holiday, we spent 3 months budget in 3 days!

We collect 200+ leads and our lead cost was 3 times more than we want to pay.

However, we had the CPA engine moving.

We’ve now set our budget to the daily amount on 7 of the 48 campaigns, turned the rest to ‘Pause’ and set CPA to the value we want to see.

We at first culled the budget and left CPA the same and then culled CPA too and it was okay for a while.

Today so far, having culled 48 to 7 campaigns and set budget and CPA as the target, that has slowed the campaigns to nothing! so have we broken the CPA engine or will it keep moving – we will watch and see.

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