Ryan and grounding

How to overcome Entrepreneurial overwhelm & reset yourself

Hey Ryan here,
I share in my video message below how I Recharge from the stress of life:
  • Forest Walks
  • MyMat
  • Grounding
And I show you MyMat  :

The MyMat is a Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) device, which produces dynamic therapeutic signals that create a symphony of waves that stimulate cells to restore their biological communication pathways, thus, induce the body’s natural healing process.

MyMat’s frequencies generate low intensity harmonic electro-magnetic signals that range in frequencies between 1Hz – 200Hz that stimulate cells to induce body’s natural self-healing processes. MyMat’s frequencies help activate the body’s self-regulation processes to improve well-being and the elimination of problematic symptoms in cells, tissues and organs, which occur from stress, poor nutrition, toxins, environment, trauma and ageing.

The MyMat offers possibilities to experience these harmonic frequencies from the comfort of your home, once or while you are on the move by simply downloading the MyMat Application on your phone or tablet.

You can learn more at https://refanalahealth.com/product/my-mat/

Enjoy 🙂
Have a great weekend
Love from the Magpies.


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