Is Your Life Like A Game Of Snakes And Ladders?

Is Your Life Like A Game Of Snakes And Ladders?

I was watching a video from Ilan Ferdman, he was sitting in his house and in Facebook recording a morning question, he asked ‘How much love and abundance am I willing to allow?’…

And he got me thinking…

Part of me wants love and abundance and wants it ALL, and yet, part of me feels like I’m not deserving, not worthy and a fraud…. and maybe I self-sabotage…

I’ll find myself charging along, in flow, everything working well and if you look at the ‘snakes and ladder’ board, I’d be on square 86 and throw a dice of 1 and land on 87, slide down the snake back to 24 and start all over again….!

Often I’ll throw a 4 and land on 28 and nip straight back up the ladder to 84…. and feel great I caught myself…

Other times I’ll throw a 1 and a 1 and a 2 and a 1 and slowly, slowly work back and feel like I’m doing the same stuff again and again and it’s painful!!

I’ve realised that’s the flow of life, it’s high and lows and you have to go with the flow, knowing when you are low that soon you’ll be high and soon then low and then high…

I’m finding the trick is to just go with the flow, whether ‘snake’ or ‘ladder’ enjoy the ride and smile….

I know it is easier to say and harder to do, so I now choose each morning to be happy no matter what occurs and enjoy whatever comes my way…

I’ve also learnt to be very patient as it never happens as fast as I want and then again never as slow as I’d like either!

Whatever your life board looks like enjoy the journey….. the funs often in the journey and not the destination!





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    • Carlise

      Glad it’s not only me thinking this way! Going through all the emotions so aptly described in your piece! Sometimes feel like this must be my lot in life. On a perpetual roller coaster! Cannot believe I continually find myself in this position notwithstanding the more than significant efforts made! Others flourish on my back and I reap relatively short term, unsustainable, incomparable reward. Guess I will have to ‘enjoy’ another extensive journey, as you suggest!

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