Welcome to Magpiess Tribe 2019

Watch this video and start 2019 on the right foot 🙂


1. Define your WHY – Feel it, what is it you really want?

2. Do all the tasks (action, achieve) follow the video series and modules set up in the back office. 

These are set up from people who know the process and make a lot of money 💰 from following the same system.

3. Share in Magpies FB group and get involved in the community. 

  • Creates accountability and gets you out of your comfort zone.
  • Then write down your answer’s from these questions:
  • What are 3 core values that are most important to you in life?

Then link these values to your WHY

For example :

  • How does Time Freedom relate to my core value of Family.
  • How does 💰 Freedom relate to my core value of Family.
  • And again get into the HEART ❤️ and FEEL the WHY and of course be gentle on yourself and embrace our journey 🙏



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