Why I Left IT after 34 years

Why I left IT after 34 years to start my own business

I left college at age 17 with a BEC/TEC National Diploma in Computer Science and then worked for corporates for the next 34 years, as a computer programmer and progressed through into management and ran teams up to 200 in size.

I earnt a good income and yet as I approached that big landmark of 50 I felt that I wasn’t fulfilled and that something was missing from my life and that even with this income retirement was not going to be great on the income I’d get at 65 and did I really want to keep working in Corporate until then!

So I started to look on the internet for ideas, I googled ‘How to start a business’ and watched a bunch of videos and read a load of blogs and it looked like I could use my IT skills and learn some marketing skills and I’d be able to run an affiliate marketing business that would run while I slept and give me that Freedom I so longed for.

I wanted Freedom from having to ask the boss to take time off, of having to work every weekday, I wanted to be able to enjoy my life while I still had life in me, visit my nieces and nephews more, see friends more, ride my horse during the day rather than rushing a ride after work and having to ride in the dark for half of the year.

If any of this resonates with you I would love to share with you the video series I watched, so you too can find the Freedom you want.

Watch Videos here. 

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