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Create A Life And Business That You Love

  • 6,356+ Courses In Business

    The courses, memberships and programs offer a step by step business education and journey unlike anything else that can be found in the business education space.

    It does not matter what type of business that you want to create or if you already have one. We can help you to start a business from scratch or help you to grow your existing business with some insightful and powerful strategies.

    We have access to an exclusive private community of like-minded individuals who are either already living, or in the progress of creating their ultimate business and life.

    We and they are waiting to support you on this amazing journey.


  • Earn While You Learn

    Our business systems make it possible for you to earn money at the same time you are learning.

    It does not matter if you do not have a business idea or any existing products or services.

    We offer solutions within the Affiliate Marketing and e-Commerce space, where we help you to find the business model that best suits you and the best products in the market.

  • Professional and Personal Coaching

    Starting a business on your own can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first business.

    That is why we offer private coaching to most serious students, whether that is mindset, business, body, life coaching, as best suits the individual.

    You can find out coaching business at http://TheFreedomExplorers.com.,

    Ryan is a Fitness coach working with athletes competing at Olympic level, Rich has been coaching for more than a decade as a personal / life coach and Kev has 34 years in corporate business under his belt and has recently been accredited as a Have It All Coach with SatoriPrime.

    We have trained numerous students like yourself to create a business that they have a passion for and they now love life and working in the business, early day.

  • Life Freedom

    People are seeking financial and spiritual freedom from their life constraints. Our valuable training helps you break-through in the areas that are most important to you.

  • Learn Simple Skills

    Through modern technological breakthroughs and access to tools you can learn to empower yourself to create a business that unlocks your personal and income earning potential.

  • The Ideal Life

    By leveraging education, our community, and your experiences you’ll map a way of operating that you’ve never had access to before. Make no mistake that hard work is involved, however, the life that awaits you, beyond your current constraints will be a life you love full of Freedom.

The Magpiess & Our Love For Business Education & Coaching


We Love Expensive Shiny Objects and collecting experiences and have set out to obtain as many as we can 🙂

We are doing that by leveraging the POWER of the INTERNET.

Having first trained with an online academy, to learn the skills required to run a thriving and successful business


Kevin Humphrey at Momentum Day with Six Figure Mentors The Premier Digital Education Company
Kevin Humphrey at Momentum Day with Six Figure Mentors The Premier Digital Education Company

So How Do You Go About Starting Your Own Business That Runs Online?

We did just that and have started a business that leverages the power of the internet, we don't need stock, warehouses, vans, nothing physical, it's all done by someone else.



Okay let me explain the concept.

Last time you opened your laptop or mobile and ordered online, did a person sit with you and assist? I doubt it - you did it yourself - Right?

That is because you had the power to go to a website at ANY time of the day, it could have been any day, even a Bank holiday when all the shops are shut, and place your orders.

The Internet is a very powerful tool when used correctly and this is where the business model comes into play and you can learn it.

Let me explain how it works.

The business model is called Affiliate Marketing. You may have heard about it before.

So how does it work?

You find products & services, that you like or think will sell well and basically market those products for the companies.

You market the products and services online and get paid a commission for your marketing efforts.

This model has been around for a long time, and few people know how to monetise it fully. If you search 'Affiliate Marketing', you will get a ton of information that will take you a lifetime to understand.

This business model is perfect for people who have no product or business idea to start with, as these companies have the products and services that you can market.

As you research you will find out that there are tens of thousands of Affiliate Programs out there to choose from.

We, at the Magpiess, we love shiny expensive objects :), prefer working with programs that offer high ticket commissions in the education and training niche.

In other words, we pick products with a high price tag so we get paid bigger commissions when the sales are made.

The magic to getting this to work is to become really proficient at advertising and marketing.

With those skills, you can market whatever you want online.
You have the whole world at your fingertips.

That´s the only thing you need to master to start. Granted that is not something you will learn in one session, it takes education and implementation and practice, however, anyone from 16 to 101 can learn the simple skills.

You can do this alongside your day job or business a few hours a week to start with and build up your knowledge.

Over time as you improve your skills, your income results will increase, you could get to the point where your current income is replaced and you can quit your other roles to concentrate your time on this instead, and the greatest benefit is that you can run the business from anywhere and run it during the times that suit you best, you would be the boss and you chose when and where you work.

If you find the non-physicalness of this strange, we did at first, you can start your own e-commerce store selling physical products you import from China and abroad or internally if you want an ethical business

We have just completed the Import Exports training with the digital expert's academy ( and have a certificate too, Kev's first in a few years at 52 years young 🙂 )

The tools provided in the business systems we use are simple to use, yet if you are on the outside and have not seen them in use it can seem overwhelming. Believe us, over time it becomes effortless and simple.

So where do you learn all this?

We learned everything from ONE place, the Digital Experts Academy.

We would recommend you to listen to our mentors Stuart & Jay and register for their video series.

They explained in simple terms what to do and we have been working with them for 4 years now and can´t be more happy with the results we've got.

We totally recommend their training & education company, the Digital Expert Academy.

The video series will show you the vast opportunities that exist for you today in 2018.

You can start your own Affiliate Marketing business or E-commerce store next week and be up and running building your business.

We have to stress this, starting a business online takes a very good work ethic, just to get off the ground. This is not for the faint-hearted, it is a true business and takes time, effort and investment in yourself and the business.

Nothing is for free. You must invest if you want to start a business.


This is no different to starting a business such as a high street shop or a restaurant. It takes time and dedication, so do not apply for the limited places with the academy unless you have the desire and where with all to complete the training.

As they say, "The best time to start a business was 10 years ago, and the next best is today!".

Please take note, we can't stress this enough:


If you are after something that takes no investment and little to no work, then please go and find another Internet Marketer.

There are plenty of them out there with their silver bullets, giving you the wrong impression and expectations of immediate success. We are being totally upfront with you, it will take time, effort and investment and only the capable few will follow through - Is that you?.

If not please move on.

You can register for the complimentary video series by providing your email below, or if you are the take action now type, click here for Video 1 and watch it now.

Thanks and best of luck either way

The Magpiess


Ryan, Rich and Kev

Let Us Help You Create A Life And Business That You Love

Your Email Address will be used to send you a video series.
You can read our Privacy Policy and GDPR statements for clarity.

FREE Videos reveal how it's now possible to work less and live a life